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GovGig helps all parties in the world of Federal Construction contracting to find talent, publish available jobs, and obtain training necessary to succeed.

GovGig for Job Seekers
For Job Seekers

The premier destination to find new and exciting opportunities in Federal Construction, and connect with excellent employers.

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GovGig for Employers
For Employers

The destination to find talent or post your open jobs for our qualified talent pool, to hire and scale up Federal Construction projects.

GovGig Academy
Academy for Training

Equipping companies and their staff to succeed in the world of Federal Construction with relevant, current and practical training.

GovGig for Job Seekers

Looking for the best opportunities in Federal Construction?

GovGig for Job Seekers is the best online resource to showcase your unique skills and experience, and find your next great opportunity.

GovGig for Job Seekers
GovGig for Employers

Having a tough time finding the cream of the crop for your Federal Construction projects?

Contractors who are hungry to find great, dependable talent are able to post jobs to the GovGig Job Board, invite qualified candidates to apply, and staff up their teams. Need great people? GovGig for Employers is your answer.

We have a Self-Service option for you to manage your job posts. Or, utilize our Recruiting Services option and we take care of all the hard work of recruiting on your behalf.

GovGig for Employers
GovGig Academy

Ready to supercharge your credentials and skills in Federal Construction?

GovGig Academy contains online courses that will help you uplevel your skills, obtain critical knowledge, and gather current requirements to both get hired and propel your career.

GovGig Academy

What is GovGig?

GovGig is a collection of premier destinations and services optimized for speed, to save you time and effort and quickly fill the critical positions necessary for Federal Construction projects.

GovGig for Job Seekers provides the ideal job board for open Federal Construction positions, able to be viewed on any device in any location at any time.

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GovGig for Employers is a place where Contractors come to staff mission critical open positions, maximizing their speed to acquire human capital.

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GovGig Academy trains and equips candidates for success in their careers, and helps Contractors improve in working with Federal and State governments.

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Our Why

Federal Construction is successful when hard-working professionals like you are willing to deploy your skills, talents and passion to build a better tomorrow. Our goal at GovGig is to support you and your companies to help build a better, stronger America.

We invite all employers to find the best and brightest talent here. We invite all candidates to showcase your skills, experience, and credentials on GovGig. Whether it is supporting the world’s best military facilities, federal buildings and infrastructure projects, or critical improvements called out under the Infrastructure Bill, we need you.

Join GovGig to help build a brighter future together.

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